To begin, shed the smaller questions,
the initial shades and shadows that you see –
these are not the path, the actual place of contact.

I do not say that the way will be simple
that the way will ever be clear. I do not say
that one can live without the thousand tasks of living.

But life has chosen to live through you,
and with you, in you – and if belief can be allowed to speak,
I do not believe you came to bear another’s cross

but your own. Or to hear another’s question as your own.
We spend our lives making gods of the thousand little things –
of pains, of fears, regrets or dreams, and finally

ourselves – and this must be the last god to die
on the way – this is the great pain of new life.
This is the truth that love can give.

Did you know that your heart of humble size
can know and love this world – even its dying and rising?
And the twist of the mystery is this:

these few small lines this night
within me – are the path of God to God
the touch of light upon the light.


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